Is your pet struggling with discomfort or limping in their front wrists? WIMBA Carpal Orthotics offer stability and relief, targeting a range of conditions to restore mobility. Leveraging advanced technologies like WimbaSCAN and AI integration, we ensure precise customization for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

What is Carpal (Wrist) Orthotics

Are you noticing the dog limping or experiencing pain in their front wrists? The WIMBA carpal brace could be the solution you’re searching for! Designed to control unwanted motion and provide stability, these braces offer relief from various ailments or conditions, allowing the pet to feel better and regain mobility. 

Carpal Brace 
Medical Indications

WIMBA Carpal Orthotics are specialized braces designed to address front leg issues in pets, providing essential stability and support for various conditions:

  • Carpal Hyperextension
  • Soft tissue injuries to carpal tendons/ligaments
  • Post Surgery Support and Protection
  • Osteoarthritis of the Carpus
  • Degenerative Joint Disease of the Carpus (DJD)

Indications are suggested use only, WIMBA defers to prescribing clinician for clinical decisions.

See WIMBA Carpal Orthotics in Action

PAWerful Stories


Amidala, an 8-year-old Alaskan Malamute weighing 45 kg, grapples with bilateral carpal hyperextension, causing discomfort during extended activity. Utilizing WIMBA orthotics led to decreased NSAID usage and increased walk durations, despite the hyperextension angles remaining unchanged.


Max, an 11-year-old dog weighing 33 kg, suffered from bilateral carpal hyperextension, leading to mobility issues and reduced activity. With WIMBA orthotics support during walks, Max experienced increased activity and weight loss, highlighting the effectiveness of orthotic intervention in managing his condition.

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