Whether for post-surgical patients or patients who aren’t candidates for surgery, now you can optimize outcomes with this ultra-lightweight, precision-fit, progressive-support orthotic. Available with or without tarsal components, depending on individual patient needs.

1 in 5

1 in 5 dogs will experience some form of knee joint disease during their lifetime

45 M

4-5 million knee operations performed annually worldwide


60% of knee surgeries in dogs are for CCLR

200 M

200 million dogs worldwide affected by osteoarthritis

Comprehensive Support

• Protect and support CrCLR limb post-surgery
• Proactively protect the non-operated limb with optional second brace
• Change out the WIMBA tokens to adjust range of mobility as pet recovers

Affordable, Durable Solution

• Long-term support alternative for patients who aren’t candidates for surgery
• Affordable option for pet parents with financial constraints that currently limit access to surgery

Easy and Efficient

• No casting mess
• 15-20 min to scan, customize, and order — all via the WIMBA smartphone app
• 3D printing using advanced materials, ships most devices in 2 weeks or less

Engineered for Optimal Joint Stability

The WIMBA Stifle Brace is engineered to limit the cranial thrust of the tibia while supporting the stability of the entire joint.

It stabilizes the knee while not adding excessive weight to the limb, putting pressure on key areas while avoiding pressure on sensitive tissues like the achilles tendon.

Improving outcomes, enhancing pet lives.

• CrCLR/CdCLR: stabilization of complete rupture of cranial/caudal/both cruciate ligaments
• CLpR: stabilization of partial rupture of cruciate ligaments
• Injuries to collateral ligaments
• Meniscal injuries
• Patellar dislocation Grade 1 and low-Grade 2
• Bone injuries within the knee joint
• Muscle injuries within the knee joint
• Postoperative and post-arthroscopy support for the knee joint
• Rehabilitation and recovery support
• Support for the knee joint in degenerative processes (Osteoarthritis)

Recovery. Protection. Empowerment.

After TPLO or TTA surgery, dogs face a 22%-54% risk of ACL rupture in the opposite leg within 6 to 17 months. Stifle orthotic serves as a preventive solution

Patients after TPLO surgery benefit from essential rehabilitation supportedby WIMBA Stifle knee braces, providing load alignment and rehabilitative support, as well as progressively controlled range of motion for effective recovery.


Ajka, a brave Golden Retriever with an ACL rupture (CrCCL), is using a WIMBA Stifle Brace as part of her treatment. She’s already showing improved walking and will continue to use the brace during physiotherapy sessions for a better quality of life.

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