Our Ai-powered technology lets you scan a patient precisely in just minutes. High-fidelity 3D printing yields a device created to your exact therapeutic or protective specifications, delivered in two weeks or less.

Reduce the pain of pets –
and the pain of making orthotics.

We knew there had to be a better, easier way to provide pets with optimal orthopedic support with shorter production times and lower costs. So hang up your plaster bucket and see how easy it is to scan and order a precision-fit WIMBA device for your patient.




times less sloppy



Introducing the WIMBA Stifle Brace, a new era in CrCLR recovery and support.

Whether for post-surgical patients or patients who aren’t candidates for surgery, now you can optimize outcomes with this ultra-lightweight, precision-fit, progressive-support orthotic. Available with or without tarsal components.

Our range of devices

Carpus Orthotic – wrist joint

Wrist support for pet’s comfort and mobility.

Tarsus Orthotic – ankle joint

Ankle support for pet’s comfort and mobility.


Tailored veterinary solutions for enhanced mobility in partial-limb amputees.

Tested, vetted, proven.

Every WIMBA model has been developed and rigorously tested by our multi-disciplinary team of veterinary orthopedic surgeons, general practitioners, and physiotherapists as well as orthopedic device engineers and artificial intelligence scientists. Explore our peer-reviewed studies here.