Juki Carpal Joint Orthoses
Pink Token

Wimba brings new solutions to the veterinary industry as a comprehensive V-OP supply system.

We offer a range of orthopedic 4D printed products for animals (in short, V-OP), new measurement technique and a dedicated app. This way we correct degenerative, post accidental, or congenital abnormalities in a manner responsive to particular needs of the patient.

We aim to innovate the field of individual orthopedic supplies. We dedicate our work to creating and delivering products to restore animal mobility for good - all done with animal well-being in mind.

Product family

Introducing Wimba’s first medical and dynamic product – orthoses

The device aims to support, align, set, prevent, or correct deformities. They also assist weak muscles with improving their overall function.

  • Part of fastening system 4d print axis
  • Inserts distance pillows
  • Part of fastening fastening straps
  • Part of a Wimba Therapy system token

With WimbaORTHO your pet won’t feel discomfort anymore

  • Provides physiological ranges of possible motion
  • Provides motion protection within a controlled range of movement
  • Provides functional stability to the injured limb segment
  • Prevents or reduces injury severity

With individualized assistance,
every dog can count on tailor-made therapy.

Wimba Therapy System
  • Flexibility and different range of angles from 180° to 205° reached with various colored tokens.
  • Tokens enables monitoring of the rehabilitation process.

WimbaTOKEN is a unique solution that changes the functionality of the orthosis.

Changable tokens
allow movements from the physiological range of motion up to 180°
allow movements from the physiological range of motion up to 190°
allow movements from the physiological range of motion up to 195°
allow movements from the physiological range of motion up to 205°

It consists of small components that support different stages of the patient's therapy. As a result, WimbaORTHO offers multiple functionalities and a treatment roadmap designed to an animal’s individual needs.

WimbaTOKEN anables monitoring of the rehabilitation process and, by increasing the resistance, mobilizes the animal to work harder. As a result, the dog builds up its muscles more efficiently, which is necessary for the animal to restore its full strength. WimbaTOKEN also provides physiological ranges of motion for the dog's joints.

In favour of digitalisation

Wimba App

User friendly order path

We designed the entire ordering process to be simple, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing. All to deliver our products as efficiently as possible! Our App constitutes of a control panel to order new orthopedic supplies in three simple steps:

  1. 1
    Choose your product
    from the visual list
  2. 2
    Take measurements
    with the use of WimbaSCAN technology and your smartphone
  3. 3
    Order the product for
    your patient
  4. ;-)
    Buckle up and wait for your tailored product to be printed and delivered to your doors
Future products

This is just a beginning.
What comes next after Orthoses?

  • Boots

    Wimba boots help pets during hot days. The heated ground can sometimes reach 64 degrees. In winter, on the other hand, our pawed friends need protection against spilled salt on the roads and the formation of snow and ice deposits between the pads.

    Our boots’ specialized casing protects wounds around the dog's feet from factors potentially leading to wound infection. In addition, trekking shoes will protect the dog's pads during long walks from moisture, glass, and stones.

  • Prostheses

    Wimba's fore-or-aft limb prosthesis can be an excellent solution to provide mobility and restore the animal's welfare and biomechanics.

    Advanced research conducted at many universities and other scientific facilities debunk the “3-legged dog does well” notion. Four-legged animals do better and suffer fewer compensatory problems than pets with motional movement impairments.