Breaking the Mold on Pet Orthotics: Innovating for a Better Future of Pets

dog wearing carpal orthotics

At WIMBA, we’re thrilled to present our new tagline: “We broke the mold on pet orthotics.” This more precisely captures our commitment to revolutionizing pet care with innovative orthopedic solutions. While our core mission remains centered on restoring pets’ mobility, our fresh motto reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation and transformative solutions for pets worldwide.

Accompanying our new tagline is the launch of our brand-new website, (hey, thank you for your visit now!). We invite you to discover a wealth of new features and content that showcase our dedication to advancing pet orthotics.

What Does Breaking the Mold On Pet Orthotics Mean?

1. Innovative Solutions

We’ve revolutionized pet orthotics with state-of-the-art 3D-printing technology, customizable designs, and advanced materials. Our products don’t just aid mobility; they redefine how orthotics are conceptualized and utilized.

2. Beyond Mobility

Our mission extends beyond restoring pets’ mobility. We strive to enrich the overall quality of life for pets and their caregivers by offering durable, perfectly fitted orthotics.

3. Leading the Industry

By “breaking the mold,” we affirm our leadership in veterinary orthotics. We challenge norms, introduce pioneering concepts, and establish new benchmarks.

4. Advanced Technologies

Through advanced 3D printing, AI technologies, and bespoke design, we craft orthotics that are lighter, stronger, and meticulously tailored to each pet’s unique needs. At WIMBA, we don’t follow trends; we pioneer them.

Join Us in Redefining Pet Orthotics

At WIMBA, we’re not just following trends; we’re setting them. Join us on our journey to redefine what’s possible in pet orthotics, ensuring every pet enjoys a happier, healthier life with our cutting-edge orthotic solutions. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on our new website and let us know what content you’d like to see more of. Your feedback matters as we strive to provide the best support for your pet’s mobility and well-being.