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  • Question What conditions must I meet to join the Wimba society?

    To become a provider of Wimba V-OP solutions, one must have a degree in veterinary medicine or veterinary physiotherapists. Additionally, it is required to take a Wimba V-OP training course. Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive a Wimba certificate, which will allow you to offer these solutions to your patients.

  • Question I am a veterinarian. I would like to learn more about Wimba V-OP solutions and how to offer them to my patients.

    We welcome you to join the Wimba program. Through this program, we will provide training for you and your team on how to properly apply our prosthetic solutions. Upon completion of the training course, you will be authorized to offer Wimba products to your clients and patients.

  • Question What will I need to perform the scan?

    To conduct full animal diagnostics, it is necessary to have access to both the Wimba and Dolly apps on a mobile device.

  • Question How do I deliver the limb scan to Wimba?

    The delivery of the scan is done via the Wimba application.

  • Question What kind of support and customer service does Wimba provide?

    For veterinarians working with Wimba, we offer a fully operational call center with VOP training support. Additionally, you can reach us through a designated contact window in the Wimba Admin app

  • Question What is the type of certification/product range?

    Wimba offers a wide range of products including orthoses for various joints such as the wrist, tarsus , hip, knee, and elbow, as well as prostheses for high and low amputations. In addition, we also provide protective, trekking, and rehabilitation shoes

  • Question How do I know the correct angle to set the orthosis?

    The WimbaToken included in the orthosis kit allows for quick and easy adjustment of the orthosis to the appropriate angles. For physical therapists utilizing the WimbaTherapy system, the WimbaToken kit includes documentation that guides you through the therapy process

  • Question What is the expected time for Wimba orthopedic equipment?

    The time frame for delivery of the equipment depends on the level of customization required, but typically ranges from 5-7 business days from the receipt of the necessary measurements

Dog parents

  • Question How long should my pet wear a Wimba orthosis?

    Orthoses should not be worn by pets for extended periods of time. It is important to introduce your pet to the orthosis gradually, following the instructions provided in the manual located in the Instructions section

  • Question How to apply Wimba orthoses?

    Injuries affecting the lower limb in small animals often require the use of orthoses or bracing. To determine if this is the appropriate solution for your pet, please reach out to a Wimba V-OP specialist. These orthoses can be applied to the front or hind legs to provide stability and support. Wimba orthoses come in a wide range of sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for your pet. It is important for both you and your veterinarian to closely monitor your pet when using the orthosis

  • Question How will I know if the orthosis is a good fit? How long should the pet wear it?

    The use of our orthoses should only be done under the guidance of a Wimba V-OP specialist. This expert will determine if the orthosis is suitable, the appropriate time of use, and any potential issues that may arise that would indicate the need to discontinue use, such as abrasions, muscle atrophy, or severe anxiety in the animal

  • Question How should I start using the orthosis on my pet?

    The Wimba Adjustable Orthosis is intended for professional use only. It is important that your pet is supervised and guided by a veterinarian or rehabilitator throughout the treatment period. For detailed instructions on how to use the splint, please refer to the Instructions section

  • Question How do I know the right angle to set the orthosis?

    The WimbaToken included in the orthosis kit allows for quick and easy adjustment of the orthosis to the appropriate angles. For physiotherapists utilizing the WimbaTherapy system, the WimbaTokenTherapy kit includes documentation that guides you through the therapy process

  • Question Can my dog sit and lie down while wearing the orthosis?

    Yes, your pet can sit and lie down with our orthoses.

  • Question My dog has a knee problem in his hind limb (ACL or patella). Will the orthosis be suitable for my dog?

    Yes, the WimbaKnee Orthosis will support your pet’s knee joint.

  • Question Can I change or reshape the orthosis with heat?

    No. The orthosis is angle-adjustable. We do NOT recommend heating or modifying the orthosis in any way that could alter the structural integrity of the orthosis.

  • Question Does the orthosis have any tread or grooves on the bottom so that the dog does not slip?

    Yes, orthoses with an encased foot ( WimbaCase) have a non-slip surface on the bottom.

  • Question Do the orthoses have any padding inside that can be cleaned?

    Yes, the orthoses at the points of contact with the body have a dedicated material and can be cleaned and left to dry.

  • Question How do I know what kind of orthosis my dog needs?

    To accurately diagnose the injury or condition causing your dog’s symptoms, a consultation with a veterinarian or physical evaluation by a certified veterinarian or canine rehabilitation technician is required. The selection of the appropriate orthosis is based on the symptoms presented and the subsequent diagnosis

  • Question Will the orthosis be heavy or uncomfortable for my dog to wear?

    The materials chosen to make the orthosis for your dog will match your dog’s size and weight, balancing the pet’s comfort with durability. The orthosis does possess some weight, but we make every effort to suit it proportionately to the dog’s size.

    Sometimes, due to medications, allergies, or other health conditions, a dog will have skin problems characterized by irritation. If this is the case, we will work with the client and veterinarian to provide specialized medications/padding materials to mitigate skin problems.

  • Question Can my dog swim in the orthosis?

    Yes, the pet can wear orthosis while swimming.

    Dry the orthosis thoroughly to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi with a towel or air drying. Do not use a heat source such as a hair dryer or heat gun, as this can deform the orthosis.

    During physical therapy, our orthotic appliances also find their purpose e.g. on an underwater treadmill.

  • Question How should I clean the orthosis?

    Cleaning is a simple task. You do not need any dedicated products. Simply use mild soap and warm water, rinse well, and air dry.

    Do not use any caustic products.

  • Question What is the difference between an orthosis and a prosthesis?

    An orthosis is a product applied to the exterior of a body part for support.

    A prosthesis is a product that replaces a missing body part.

  • Question How long can my pet wear the V-OP device?

    We recommend setting the wearing schedules with your veterinarian or rehabilitation therapist. They will ensure meeting your pet’s therapeutic goals.

  • Question Are the Wimba V-OP devices waterproof?

    Yes, the Wimba devices are waterproof.

  • Question Can I order replacement parts for my pet's orthosis?

    You can replace most parts at home. Please contact your caregiver, who will discuss specific replacement parts for your pet device.

  • Question What if the orthosis for my pet does not fit?

    Your dedicated Case Manager will work closely with you and your veterinarian to discuss your case and establish a plan. Once a plan has been established with your veterinarian, they will notify you that the device is ready to be shipped. The usual turnaround time for adjustments is 7 business days. It is important to note that the device should not be shipped without prior communication with the Case Manager

  • Question Does my pet need rehabilitation with the V-OP solution?

    For maximum results with our orthotic/prosthetic solutions, we recommend a rehabilitation program appropriate for your pet and its specific injury or instability.

  • Question How long should my pet wear the orthosis?

    Your veterinarian or rehabilitator should determine the specific treatment plan. The schedule should aim strictly at the animal’s problem.

  • Question Can my dog sit and lie down while wearing the orthosis?

    Yes, wimba products allow physiological positions of the dog’s body.

  • Question My dog has a problem with his knee joint (ACL or patella). Will the orthosis be suitable for my dog?

    Yes, the knee orthosis  product provides therapeutic options for ACL or patella dislocation.

  • Question Will the orthosis printed with a 3D printer be durable enough?

    Yes, the materials we use to manufacture our orthotic products have been tested and meet all requirements.

  • Question What if my dog does not accept the orthosis?

    Before using our product, we suggest you consult a behaviorist. We also provide a protocol for handling before and during the orthotic/prosthesis/shoe use and getting your pet accustomed to the equipment.

  • Question Does Wimba deal exclusively with animals?

    Yes, Wimba specializes in companion animals.